Virtue Of A Godly Person

I do believe personally that this is great virtue of true born again child of God! As we live in the last days we often give excuse of falling short of reaching to this ultimate goal for a child of God. Actually, speaking truth that there should not be any excuse for us in the area of obedience! We need to “ trust an obey”

I remember here about the Shunammite “a Great woman.” Prophet Elisha was passing by her house and she requested him to come and have a meal. Finally she discerned that Elisha was a holy man of God, “And she said unto her husband, behold, now, I perceive that this is an holy man of God…” (II King 4:9). She understood his need and she with her husband’s permission provided Elisha a furnished room with food whenever he passed by her house. She kept her eye, heart, and her hand open all the time for men of God!

How many of us walk in the discernment? We are quick to judge and walk in judgmental spirit. How many of us of a help to a different men of God who serve the Lord faithfully and in tough and unfavorable circumstances? Sometimes we knew them, realize their needs but something hinders us to stretch forth our hands. We at least do not ask them what their needs are, or if they need anything and provide them. May God help us.

This Shunammite woman was fully satisfied. The truth was she had everything but she did not have children. But there was no regret, no complain, no murmuring against God. She was walking with God in godliness. Elisha called her and asked her what he should do for her. He gave her different choices but she did not ask for anything but said, “I dwell among mine own people” (II King 4:13). Oh, my, I love this answer which she gave to Elisha. At this time she did not express that she was a barren and did not have any children. But Gehazi told Elisha about that. And Elisha promised her that she would have a son next year. And according to Elisha`s word it happened.

But one day her son died. She did not panicked, did not cry, nor she did say any negative word nor she scolded the prophet. She asked permission from her husband to visit the prophet and when he asked she said, “It shall be well.” And when she was near the house of Elisha saw her and sent Gehazi to aske about her welfare. She replied to Gehazi, “It is well.” She had a great faith and knew the One who gave her son will again bring him back to life. She had a calm spirit and continuous belief on God and His prophet. “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” (I Timothy 6:6). May our good Lord help us to walk with Him!

Prama and I love you so dearly and pray for you daily. Write us for we love to hear from you!

Remember Jesus is Lord and take with you the Word of God and Faith, excellent traveling Companaions. (Psalms 119:105; II Corinthians 5:7).

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