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Latest Article

John 13: Don’t Be Noble, Be Needy

By Jordan Loftis June 9th, 2023
Latest Article

The Wide Door We Fight Through

By Jordan Loftis June 8th, 2023
Latest Article

Give In Secret

By Jordan Loftis June 7th, 2023
Latest Article

Pray for the Persecuted Church

By Jordan Loftis June 6th, 2023
Latest Article

Prize Your Integrity

By Jordan Loftis June 5th, 2023
Latest Article

Spiritual Gifts <> Spiritual Growth

By Jordan Loftis June 2nd, 2023
Latest Article

What’s Your Calling?

By Jordan Loftis June 1st, 2023
Latest Article

One Habit That Will Change Everything

By Jordan Loftis May 31st, 2023
Latest Article

Character Comes From Hope

By Jordan Loftis May 30th, 2023
Latest Article

Psalm 126: Songs of Joy

By Jordan Loftis May 29th, 2023
Latest Article

Worthless Thorns and Thistles

By Jordan Loftis May 26th, 2023
Latest Article

“If You Love Me” – Why Talk Is Cheap

By Jordan Loftis May 25th, 2023
Latest Article

Let Everything That Has Breath Praise The Lord!

By Jordan Loftis May 24th, 2023
Latest Article

You Go Before Me

By Jordan Loftis May 23rd, 2023
Latest Article

Sweeter Than Honey: How to Desire God’s Word

By Jordan Loftis May 22nd, 2023
Latest Article

Leaders Seek Jesus First

By Jordan Loftis May 19th, 2023
Latest Article

The Vigilant Refiner

By Jordan Loftis May 18th, 2023
Latest Article

The Science Of Being The Salt Of The Earth

By Jordan Loftis May 17th, 2023
Latest Article

Look Forward

By Jordan Loftis May 16th, 2023
Latest Article

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts

By Jordan Loftis May 15th, 2023
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