Seated at God’s Table

You prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies.  

Psalm 23:5 NKJV

The above verse sounds wonderful but how much are we able to accept its promise? When trials come, the last thing we may feel is that God is blessing us.

Satan works through people to ‘kill, steal and destroy’. Sometimes we may experience so much opposition it may feel as if our enemies have actually ‘spread a table of suffering before us’ in their attempts to defeat us.

In my previous work and family situations, people were gossiping and scheming against me. I felt sure that at least one of those people was lying awake at night ruminating on his evil plans (Ps 36:4; Prov 4:16).

I found that God will not leave us to suffer forever. When we have learned all we need to from our suffering, he will move us on to new and better things.

I was able to remove myself from both my situations and received a large sum of money from my employer. God had spread a table of blessing before me in the sight of my enemies.

Will you remember to thank God for his blessings, waiting patiently for release from your present trials?

Rachel Timmins is a freelance copywriter and photojournalist based in Toowoomba. Her poetry, blogs, devotionals and articles have been published widely.

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