Romans 8:1 – A Gift Enjoyed

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1 ESV)

To condemn is to declare a person or thing doomed and unfit for further use or freedom. Condemnation isn’t just a big word in the Bible, it’s a word that carries a great weight to it when viewed in light of eternity. It’s like a huge stone falling upon a house; crushing, devastating, and final. That is what and who we are outside of Jesus, condemned. We sentence ourselves by our rebellion against God, sin. Here is the simple reality of the universe:

God is immeasurably valuable, wholly good, and infinitely worthy of all glory, honor, and worship. But we as his creation acknowledge our own wants before him, setting ourselves up in his place, as more valuable, good, and worthy of our time and attention. This is called idolatry.

This idolatry then infects every day we live, and every relationship we pursue. What we experience through Christ however, is the greatest fulfillment of the human heart; a rescue from ourselves! To be left to ourselves is death, literally condemnation. But for those in Christ Jesus we get life, and “life abundantly” (John 10:10). No condemnation means then, that we are declared righteous and clean because of Christ’s wrath satisfying sacrifice. Enjoy the gift of God given to you in the person and work of Jesus Christ!

Be encouraged today, and rejoice in God’s bottomless mercy.

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