Romans 5:8 – God Shows His Love

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

……but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8 ESV)

He loved us first when we were still unlovable,and yet He loved us unconditionally even before we knew Him.

Because He loved us and yet we knew Him not, He desired to make Himself known to us so that we may get to know Him and understand this great love for us. So He came.

He came to make Himself known to us, His beloved bride, that it is only He who knows who we truly are, what we were created for, what we need, what is best for us, and how we can best receive it.

He came to complete us and give us a destiny by making us the best that we can be in Him alone, to be best positioned for this great love, the best love we can ever experience.

He came to reveal Himself to us more deeply that we shall know that we belong to Him alone and He belongs to us and that nothing can separate us from this great love. (Romans 8:38)

He came to restore us to our originally intended beauty with love, grace and power in God, to restore us to our previously taken inheritance by the enemy in the garden of Eden and make power change hands.

Because He has our best interests at heart, He came to win us back our full inheritance in Him as His beloved bride.

He came that we may know Him, understand His pure intentions for us, accept this beautiful expression of this great love so as to love Him back.

This great love invited us to open our hearts and receive Him that we may experience Him fully, love Him back, and trust Him completely as we dwell in His shelter knowing that this great love for us is unending. We are who we are in Him alone and have what we have in Him alone, the lover of our souls.

We are the bride waiting for our groom who loves us beyond limits, and as we wait, let us know Him, love Him and live in faith. We live knowing that whatever we ask of Him, He surely hears us, loves us, and will give to us with no exceptions because of this great love. (Matthew 7:11)

If love is not love until it’s given away, faith is not faith until we live it.

Thank God for His great love He has shown you.

Guest devotion by Grace Kisa. Grace is inhabited by the holy spirit, anointed to destroy evil in Jesus Christ’s name, and in love with beautiful souls for God. Learn how you can become a guest writer.

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