The Praise Of The Psalmist

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6 ESV

The book of Psalms is known for its songs and prayers of praise.

These Psalms of praise are often quoted and used in the praise songs we sing at church.

They are found in inspirational greeting cards given for births, weddings, birthdays, and even graduations. We probably all know a verse or two from the Psalms by heart.

Interestingly, the last verse of the last Psalm expresses the desire of everything that has breath to praise the Lord.

We can read this and agree whole heartedly. We read verses that describe his steadfast love (Psalm 117:2), his wonderful deeds (Psalm 9:1), and the Lord being our rock (Psalm 18:2).

These are all great attributes of God that we should rejoice in and praise him for. But, there are many more verses in the Psalms that are of praise to a God when all around them seems to be crumbling.

We read at times the Psalmist feels that he has been forsaken by God (Psalm 22), has been hated by others (Psalm 35:19), and is in the pit of destruction (Psalm 4:2).

This is of great comfort to us.

We must remember that these men who wrote these Psalms were men like us.

They were often troubled, going through hard times, and even feeling as though God had abandoned them.

We don’t always have to be on a spiritual high or  feeling good to give the praise to God that he deserves as we learn from the writers of the Psalms.

Have you been holding your praise from God during your times of hardship?

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