The Thanks-Living Sacrifice

The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me;
 to one who orders his way rightly 
I will show the salvation of God!

Psalm 50:23 ESV

We may look at how much, or how little, we give to God and guess as to how happy He will be with the sacrifices we’ve made.

We might look at others around us and measure our sacrifices against how much, or how little, we believe they’ve sacrificed.

What discouragement can follow this approach! Our sacrifice to the Lord should be made with humility and thankgiving.What matters is not how much was given, or the pain of sacrifice, but rather the heart and attitude of the person involved.

God looks into the heart of the person as they offer their sacrifice.

Look at the story of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5). The person who offers their sacrifice with thanksgiving knows that it isn’t their time or money that they are offering; it is understood that all they have is a gift from God, and they glorify and thank Him with their sacrifice.

Matthew Henry says that we should offer sacrifices of “thanks-living”, believing that our entire life should be lived with thanksgiving to God.

Be encouraged today that what you give, little or big, is enough to please God; it is the spirit of the giver that makes all the difference.

Be sure to daily offer your sacrifice with thanks.

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