Psalm 111:2 – Delighting In God’s Works

Daily Devotion Bible Verse

Great are the works of the LORD,
studied by all who delight in them. (Psalm 111:2 ESV)

Do you remember the last time something completely captivated you? Maybe it was a documentary about an amazing historic figure or event. Or maybe it’s simply a love and interest in your chosen hobby. Whatever your interests may be, almost everyone has experienced the excitement of something new.

The Psalmist is amazed at the “great…works of the LORD”. These works aren’t simply good, they’re great! And just as some things in life usher a sense of awe and wonder, so should God’s works. In fact, his great works surround us through nature and are demonstrated throughout the Bible.

Unfortunately, sometimes we lose our sense of wonder in our walk with God. The majesty of His works and power lose their freshness, become normal to us and feel stagnate. This means that much of our delight in the Lord can falter and fade. Don’t let the works of God become like this in your life.

As we hear and read Bible passages often, let us never lose our sense of awe. As we drive by the same mountains or forests, rather than growing accustomed to their beauty, we should look upon them with a wonder-filled heart that God has created something so big and beautiful. Not only are we called to delight in the majesty of God’s works, but they benefit us in our knowledge of and faith in God. We learn the following about the character of God in the following verses in Psalm 111 :

vs. 3 – He is full of splendor and majesty; His righteousness endures forever
vs. 4 – He is gracious and merciful
vs. 5 – He remembers his covenants
vs. 7 – He is faithful, just, and trustworthy

These are all attributes of God that we learn by studying His word. This knowledge in turn increases our faith & gives us a greater appreciation for what God has done in, for and around us. Let us rejoice and be glad that we serve such a loving and powerful God!

Take time to study the works of God today & renew your sense of delight in Him.

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