Matthew 27:45-53 The Message of the Cross

Easter poem from Matthew 27:45-53:

As Jesus hangs suspended, intersecting time and space,
Mankind’s greatest need encounters God’s amazing grace.
Sin, in its totality, meets Christ the sinless One;
The gates of Hell meet Heaven’s best; God’s greatest work is done.

Suddenly, the world is dark. God hides the morning light
For three long hours; all is still as darkness alters sight.
Our Savior is abandoned by the God who’s always there.
Jesus knows the absence of the One who’s everywhere.

In that supernatural darkness, hear the Son of God’s sad cry
As His heavy heart is breaking, Jesus calls, “My Father, Why?
Why have You forsaken Me? Why have You left Me here?”
In the silence of sin’s darkness, Heaven answers loud and clear.

Then the earth begins to quake. Creation feels the strain,
In the presence of Mighty God, its composure to maintain.
The One who makes electrons spin is dying on a cross.
“It is finished!” hear Him cry. Earth knows its greatest loss.

God reminds us of His power. This is all in His control.
Our good behavior’s not enough; He’s eyes are on the soul.
In His sight, no self-righteous life will ever be approved
And so the bedrock splits; earth’s foundations have been moved.

While two priests are burning incense, at the moment God has planned,
The Temple veil is shredded by the Father’s unseen hand.
In one amazing moment, God removes the “Keep Out!” sign
Which has for many years kept sinful man from the Divine.

The veil of separation-due-to-guilt no longer stands.
The key to entrance into life is placed into your hands.
The price of entry’s fully paid by the One who is THE Way,
The Only Path to the Only God pleads, “Come to Me, today.”

Many graves are opened; many people who have died
Are now walking through the city. Truth will not be denied.
The Voice that called out Lazarus from death has set them free.
The signs are indisputable. “Look what He’s done FOR ME!”

Guest devotion by Giselle Russell. Giselle, after years of classroom teaching, now serves as children’s specialist in a public library and volunteers as a pre-K Sunday School teacher at her church. Learn how you can become a guest writer.

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