Lessons From The Palm Tree

The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Psalm 92:12 ESV

Have you ever wondered why God compares the righteous to a palm tree? Here are four points of comparison:

1. A blessing to the people

The palm is a huge blessing to the people living in desert regions.


In fact, there is not a single part of it that is not of use. The trunk gives timber, midrib of the leaves are used to make crates and furniture, leaflets are used to make baskets, leaf is used a fuel, fruit stalks are used to make ropes, fibers for cordage and packing materials, seeds are ground and fed to cattle, fruits give syrup, vinegar, alcohol, wine and honey.

Last but not the least, the fruits form the diet of people living in Arabia and Persia.

The palm tree teaches us to be a giving people, giving in every possible way; giving of our time, knowledge, finances, resources and energy.

2. Thriving with available resources

The palm tree grows in sandy soil which has the least amount of resources.

Less water, less salt, less fertility, less nourishment.

Nevertheless the date palm grows and flourishes in this soil, in fact towering majestically over the other desert plants . Lack of fertile soil stunts the growth of most desert plants but not the date palm.

Similarly no matter where we are planted (good soil, average soil, not so good soil), God gives us the grace to thrive, and flourish majestically, like the palm tree.

3. Steadfastness

The date palm is impervious to the changing climatic conditions and wind velocities of the desert regions where it grows. It grows in extreme climatic conditions- blazing heat and freezing cold, sand storms and scanty rains.

Yet it grows on steadfastly through all these different conditions, into a stately tree.

So, much as we dislike and fear difficult situations in our life, God will surely see us through.

Gods plan for us is not to make us a mediocre people but to make us an excellent people; even when we face adverse situations.

4. Unchanging nature

The palm tree is perennially green throughout the year. Be it summer, spring, autumn or winter it never changes.

We, ourselves, should strive for consistency and always be a source of encouragement to the people around us.

Guest devotion by Preetha Paul. Preetha works full time. Preetha loves writing exhortations and listening to the Word of God. Learn how you can become a guest writer.

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