Grace Upon Grace

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

John 1:16 ESV

Do you know what my kids hear me say all the time?

I hope you’ve heard it a million times from your parents, and that you say it often to your children; if you have any. “I love you!”

There are so many different ways to tell our children about the love we have for them, and they need to hear it from us. It’s so important, in fact, that I repeat it over and over to my kids.

When thinking of today’s verse, I couldn’t help but be reminded of telling my kids of my love for them.

The Apostle John could have easily written that we receive grace from God, but he says that we receive “grace upon grace.” God obviously thought it was important enough to have John write it this way. But why?

I think that, just as I tell my kids I love you all the time, God wants us to know he is a God full of grace who gives grace.

In a Christmas sermon, John Piper explains it like this:

“God doesn’t just want to stock your head with knowledge about His truth and grace, he wants you to receive it and experience it. This Christmas he wants to give you personally a foundation of truth and reality to stand on so you won’t cave in under stress. This Christmas he wants to treat you with grace—to forgive all your sins—all of them!—to take away all your guilt, to make your conscience clean, to help you with your problems, to give you strength for each day, and to fill you with hope and joy and peace. Isn’t that the meaning of grace? And isn’t that why he pitched his tent among us?”

Receive God’s overwhelming grace today!

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