A Transformation Towards a Relationship

For wicked men are found among my people;
they lurk like fowlers lying in wait.
They set a trap;
they catch men.
Like a cage full of birds,
their houses are full of deceit;
therefore they have become great and rich;
they have grown fat and sleek.
They know no bounds in deeds of evil;
they judge not with justice
the cause of the fatherless, to make it prosper,
and they do not defend the rights of the needy.
Shall I not punish them for these things?
declares the Lord,
and shall I not avenge myself
on a nation such as this?”
An appalling and horrible thing
has happened in the land:
the prophets prophesy falsely,
and the priests rule at their direction;
my people love to have it so,
but what will you do when the end comes?

Jeremiah 5:26-31 ESV

Tell me this doesn’t sound familiar.

It isn’t about putting God in schools, or having laws that reflect things that sway towards your interpretation of the bible. It’s not about religion. It’s not about legality. It’s more than that.

A lot more.This is about personal relationships with God.

This warning, first applied to Israel now applies to us.

We’re on the clock, friends.

It’s time to stop trying to win people over with our minds and our pride. It’s time to stop trying to win people over with our laws.

It’s time to stop trying to win people over by telling them what they CAN’T do.

Instead, let’s tell them what they CAN do.

Let’s tell them the transformation we’ve gone through.

Let’s tell them of how God has moved in our lives. Let’s tell them that believing in God is no longer enough. Let’s tell them how our lives have changed since we met Christ.

Let’s tell them that their lives can be changed. Let’s tell them that God wants THEM more than ever. And even better, let’s get OURSELVES on a better relationship with Him so when He tells us to move, we do nothing else BUT move in the way He tells us.

We need to improve ourselves before we can improve others.

If He is our potter, and we are the clay, then we need to let Him mold us, instead of us trying to mold others. After all, clay cannot mold other clay.

And if clay doesn’t have that relationship with the potter, then it’s useless.

“…my people love to have it so.”

Let’s change that. The change starts with you. It starts with YOUR relationship with God, and it all starts on your knees.

Guest devotion by Geoff Breedwell. Geoff is a submariner attached to an SSBN based out of GA. He lives in GA with his wife and newborn baby girl. Learn how you can write for us.

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