Gratitude for the Gift

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV)

“He got a slinky, and all I got was this stupid purse,” my niece angrily snapped after opening her much anticipated Christmas gift.

Her cousin, just moments before, had opened his present to find a shiny, silver, slinky. She was hoping to find the same.

The disappointment of not receiving a slinky, but instead, a dainty pink purse was much more than she could bear and before long she was blurting out her true feelings.

We, the adults, sitting around the beautifully ornamented tree, were completely mortified at her words. How could she be so rude, thoughtless, and downright ungrateful?

But the thoughts she blurted out are what so many of us feel deep down inside as we look at the gifts we have in comparison with others’ gifts.

How many times have we wished our kids were as smart and popular as others? Or that our spouse was more supportive? How many times have we looked at others’ palatial homes and started to resent our own?

Oftentimes our preoccupation with others’ gifts, fosters a dissatisfaction with the gifts we’ve been given.

Today, instead of longing for what others have, may we find value in and appreciation for what we have.



Thank You for each and every gift you have given to me. May I take the time today to be grateful!


Guest devotion by Evelyn Fordham Goodman. Evelyn is a homeschooling mom of three, feels most alive when writing, speaking, and singing about the love of Christ. In her rare spare time, she relishes good food, good conversation, and a good afternoon nap.

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