For Such A Time As This

In Esther 4:14, we read these words spoken by Mordecai to Esther, his cousin and adopted daughter:

“…And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Mordecai knew the dangerous position that Esther was in. She was a Jew living in Persia during a time when the king had decreed that all Jews were to be killed.

Esther was in a unique position. After she became queen she could plead with the king on behalf of her people.

But there was a catch. Anyone who went to the king without being called was put to death.

Esther had a choice. Have courage to help her people, or preserve her own life.

Would she embrace faith or fear?

“For Such A Time As This”

Esther standing in Susa

As Christians, we also have been born “for such a time as this.”

Acts 17:26 tells us that God decided both when and where we would live.

We are living in a time plagued with anxiety. A spiritual battle to suppress God’s truth wages all around us.

Like Esther, we have a choice.

Do we compromise our beliefs to make life easier for ourselves? Or do we hold true to God’s Word?

We are called ambassadors and to share the Gospel with those who are lost and searching for hope.

Esther chose faithfulness—and it saved God’s people.

If we don’t stand today, what is at stake?

Ask God to give us wisdom and boldness as we live out our faith “for such a time as this.”

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