The Example Of Scripture

For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

Romans 15:4 ESV

Many of us are guilty of being functional deists: we act like God is not really involved in the details of our every day.

We may think that He is aloof, or even powerless to really do anything, though we won’t admit it. Of course we pray and go to church regularly and study our Bibles but when it comes time to put our faith into practice we are on our own.

The stories of the Bible are distant and almost seem like fairy tales.

It was for a different time and we live in a completely different world. It can’t really help us today. God was acting in the lives of special people in a special way.

Paul shows us the falsity of that view and challenges us to bring a different perspective to the scriptures.

Instead of looking at the scriptures as abstract we need to see them as examples that teach us to live by faith. We need to look at what God did in the lives of those people as an example of what He can do in our lives.

The scriptures aren’t a collection of stories that are the exception; they’re the rule. Scripture is the proof we have for believing that God knows each of us and is leading us every day.

Jesus is the perfect example of this in that everything He did was pleasing and obedient to God. Every decision about where to go, where to sleep, and what to preach was in accordance with His Father’s wishes. God is not just concerned about the big picture but the minute details.

He knows the number of hairs on our head. Nothing escapes His attention. When you read the scriptures now make sure to connect with the people in those stories and expect God to do such amazing things in your life.

Submit the decisions that you think are mundane to Him and get in the habit of asking whether it pleases Him. It will encourage you to start living by faith as you seek the grace you need to deal with the trials of today.

Guest devotion by Bereket Kelile. Bereket is from California and born to parents who immigrated from Ethiopia. Bereket has been a believer since high school and has a degree in Economics. Bereket also spent 4 years in the airforce and enjoys reading and writing. You can find more of Bereket’s writings at Learn how you can become a guest writer.

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