Spiritual Gifts <> Spiritual Growth

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.
Psalm 42:1

Ever pray for something that doesn’t happen?

A few days ago I prayed for an encounter with God — and he taught me a lesson I’ll never forget.

I was desperate to be caught up to the third heaven, like Paul.

To see his glory, like Moses.

To enter his courts, like John.

…but no matter how hard I prayed, nothing happened.

So, I started praying the Aaronic Blessing from Numbers 6:22–27 over my family:

→ Bless Fallon…
→ Make your face shine upon Kindy…
→ Put your name upon Wilder…
→ Give peace to Joelle…
→ Lift your countenance upon me…

As I did, some dear friends and mentors came to mind. Then, as I prayed the blessing over each of them…

…it happened.

God Answered My Prayer—But Not How I Expected

I had a vision, showing them as an oasis in the desert.

They’re a safe haven for thousands.

Refreshers. Healers. Equippers. Servants. Leaders. Blessings. Set apart from the cultural desert around them.

But that desert constantly tries to force its way into their lives. Choking out that life.

As I watched, though, it was POWERLESS to stop the endless spring of living water.

A desert cannot quench an oasis. Because its spring is deep and untouchable.

It was super vivid. Almost like I did go to another place…

Only, it wasn’t an experience for ME alone. It was a word of encouragement for THEM.

The Holy Spirit taught me this:

Our spiritual gifts and experiences NEVER grow apart from the fruit of the Spirit in our lives! Click To TweetThey grow on the same tree.

God’s work in us always flows through us. We are blessed to be blessings.

So the Father did answer my prayer. He met me. He quenched my thirst for his Spirit.

Not how I expected. But in a way “exceedingly abundantly” more than I could ask, think, or imagine!

Our spiritual gifts increase in power and frequency as the Fruit of the Spirit grows within us.

Miracles and maturity grow together. Let’s pray for both, today.

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