Psalm 119:103 – Feed Me

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

How sweet are your words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psalm 119:103 ESV)

Have you ever heard of anyone asking for prayer that they might be able to be a more faithful eater? Chances are, you probably haven’t, and for good reason too: eating is not a difficult activity for most people. In general, eating regularly comes as easy as breathing, especially around a holiday.

To be fair though, there is a joy to be had in great food. Genuine pleasure is almost guaranteed when picking tender meat from perfectly glazed ribs, and the satisfaction is heightened when we enjoy these excellent meals with family and friends. The reason we don’t need accountability from our Christian brothers and sisters in regular eating is because we so often derive pleasure from food, in other words, we desire it.

How many times, however, can you remember hearing someone lament that he or she did not spend enough time in Bible reading and study? Maybe that someone was even you?

The answer to faithful, consistent time in God’s word is very simple and in all reality, is as effortless as eating. It is not to mentally beat yourself up for not trying hard enough, and it doesn’t lie in yet another “Through the Bible in a Year” reading program (though we’re not saying those are bad things, they can be very helpful). The answer rests in something you cannot give yourself, but you have it for everything from fun to food: desire. It is effortless to do something you greatly desire or long to do, and studying the Bible can be such a thing! Think about it, the same God who made you with taste buds that desire the sweetness of honey revealed Himself through the Bible to us. Once you begin the path of discovering God’s truth in Scripture, you will echo that God’s words are “sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

Before you begin to read the Bible pray to the God who created tastebuds, that He would place a deep desire for His words in your heart and head. He will be faithful, and in turn, so will you!

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