Self-Sufficient Savior

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,

and do not lean on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5 ESV)

Have you ever been burned by someone you trusted? Maybe it was a close friend you confided in, only to discover he or she betrayed your trust. Or worse yet, maybe you trusted your employer, believing they would look upon your many years of service, hard work, and loyalty and keep an open position for you- but they didn’t, and you were laid off along with the rest.

It’s difficult to find people to trust in life because most of us simply look after our own interests.

However, it has not been, nor ever will be so with our God. He does not get anything from us that He cannot get better from Himself, and yet He gave everything for us at a great personal cost.

God doesn’t pursue us as His worshipers so He can have millions of “fans” to do His bidding, in fact, He is wholly and completely self-sufficient. This means that God needs nothing outside of Himself, yet in love, Jesus wrapped himself in fragile flesh, and was obedient, even to his own death (Philippians 2:8); winning our salvation and right standing with a righteous God.

With this truth in mind then, we should wholeheartedly put our full trust in the Lord, remembering that He doesn’t have any agenda save His glory, which will ever result in our great good.

Have you been burned by people, and in turn mistrusted God, fearing that He also doesn’t really have your greatest good in mind? Have faith today that you can trust God completely.

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