How to Find Your Purpose [BB006]

The path to finding your God-given purpose may not start where you think it does…

In today’s episode, Jordan talks about his winding path to finding God’s purpose for him. He explores a scripture passage he calls “The List” and how it has aided him in pursuing God’s calling for his life. Here are a few things you will hear in this episode:

  • How Jordan has come to understand our purpose in the Kingdom of God and how it differs from what he thought it was
  • Steps for you to utilize in finding your purpose and doubling down on it

Join Jordan Loftis, Editor of Short Daily Devotions, as he unpacks a surprising facet of finding God’s purpose for your life.

Today’s devotion by Jordan Loftis, author of The Men With Bare Feet, host of The Bible Better Podcast, Bible Teacher at Valor Global Online School, and teaching pastor.

God’s Place For You with Megan Valentine (Podcast)

Join Jordan Loftis and author of the bestseller, “No Place Like Known,” Megan Valentine as they talk about God’s place and calling for your life.

Megan shares the fear (and joy) of leaving a long ministry career for a new season, how to discern when it’s time to move, and where to find our ultimate identities.

All proceeds from Megan’s new book support Zoe International, a ministry fighting sex trafficking around the world. You can support this mission by buying the book in paperbackKindle, or Audible.

You can learn more about Megan on her website at or on Facebook or Instagram.

Who Do You Believe? [Bible Better 001]

In this first episode of the Bible Better audio devotions show, host Jordan Loftis digs into a key question: “Who do you believe about the life and ministry of Jesus?”

In this episode, Jordan explores:

  1. The history that grounds the opening of John’s claims,
  2. The science behind the reliability of eye witness testimony,
  3. And shares a wild personal story about a secret government experiment (it makes sense when you listen 🤓).

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