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We have been experiencing some sitewide issues due to our hosting provider.  We have been down 2 times in the last week for multiple hours, but have managed to get back up an running even though I, Ryan, work a full-time job.  We had planned to move to a more reliable hosting provider in the future, but it seems that it needs to happen sooner than later.  Of course, this will cost more.  Please pray about giving a financial gift and helping us make the move faster to a more reliable host.  You can easily do this here with a credit card.
Since writing the top part of this post, the website has been down for over 12 hours.  Obviously we are up and running now, but that didn’t happen till after 3 am this morning.  Needless to say, it was a long night.  But, we are up and running and I would like to thank our new hosting provider,, for their help in moving our site over and their great customer service.  We shouldn’t experience any more outages and the website should run much faster.  We will start back with our regularly scheduled devotions on Monday.

Bible Q&A: What Sin Leads To Death?

I was hoping you could perhaps clear up some confusion for me. In the Short Daily Devotional “Your Sin, Our Trouble,” the second sentence says something that didn’t sit right with me. It says, “Though some of these sins could be considered worse than other (1 John 5:16)…” I guess I am wondering what sin is worse than another? I had always been taught that God detests all sin and that no sin is worse than another. That’s why looking lustfully at a woman is the same as committing adultery (Matthew 5:28) or that anger towards a man receives the same judgment as murder (Matthew 5:21); however, I read 1 John 5:16, and this only added to my confusion. What is the sin that causes spiritual death? My study bible says that it is possibly “leaving the Christian fellowship and joining the antichrists” because they are rejecting the only way to salvation, putting themselves out of reach of prayer. This statement bothers me because how can anyone be out of reach of prayer? I know people who have abandoned their faith for a period, and then rediscovered what Christianity means later in life. These people will still receive salvation as long as they repent and accept Christ as their savior. So what sin is so bad that it leads to death? Spiritual or Physical??? Liz – Bismarck, ND

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