Listen and Answer, O God!

If you have ever felt small…

…insignificant and unheard.

…worthless and unworthy.

…or simply like your list of needs is too long to fathom…

Today’s devotional verse is for you. It’s the beginning of one of David’s prayers. And if you know anything about his life, you know he had serious needs—and a lot of them!

Incline your ear, O God, and answer me,

for I am poor and needy.

Psalm 86:1 ESV

One of the beautiful things about Scripture is that we can treat every verse like a perfectly-cut diamond. We can hold it up to the light of the sun and see many dazzling facets in a single stone.

There are three soul-warming truths we can see as we hold this verse up to the light.

God Hears Prayers Willfully

First, when Christians pray, our prayers are heard. They do not bounce off of our ceilings or simply float into empty space.

Every prayer is a supernatural act met by a God who hears prayers willfully. This means he wants to listen and loves to hear the words, requests, and needs of children.

God Answers Prayers

Second, when Christians pray, our prayers are answered. This doesn’t mean they’re always answered in the way we want, however.

God is good, and knows what we need before we even ask (Mt 6:8). Because he’s good, he also gives what is most beneficial to us.

God Does Not Respect the Stature of People

Third, when Christians pray, our prayers are not based on our standing in the world.

You might be “poor and needy” in the eyes of the world. But guess what? Every human to walk the earth has been poor and needy before God!

David’s life is a perfect illustration of this.

When God looks at you, he does not see what people see. Click To Tweet

He doesn’t look first at our bank accounts, at our house, at our waistline, at our beauty, at our eloquence, at our popularity…

He looks at our hearts (1 Sam 16:7). If you are in Christ Jesus, he looks at you and sees his Son.

Do you believe that when Jesus prayed, the Father heard him and answered him? For those who are in Christ, God deals with us on the basis of his righteousness. Never cease to talk to your Father. He’s listening, and He cares.

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