Joy In Ordained Trouble

“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into diverse temptations”.

James 1:2 KJV

Every time time I read this verse, I am reminded of a few things: first, that even though James is writing to “scattered Jews”(v-1), we need to remember that they are Christians who have been bought from Judaism and into Christianity, so these truths are applicable to all we who believe.

Secondly, he exhorts us to count the issues we go through while living this life with joy, which takes on a different spin when knee deep in the midst of an issue.

And thirdly, it almost seems that he sneaks in the word “when” as he talks about these “diverse” or many kinds temptations or trails.

If we have been called to serve Jesus, part of that serving is going to include a time of testing/trials. Imagine training a student to scuba dive, but all of your experience has been confined to your swimming pool.

It would be hard to share your wisdom on what to do when trouble occurs in the rough ocean if you have never experienced scuba diving in the ocean.

God teaches us His truth and wisdom through His Word. Part of His teaching process also includes applying that very same truth to our lives in a way that it will never be forgotten. Many times this will come in the form of a testing or a trial of some sort that the Lord allows or sends.

Are you finding yourself in the middle of something that you know is not sin related and you have been crying out to the Lord for relief? GOOD, because if He is the source of your issue, then only He can bring that relief.

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience”. verse 3 goes on to say, which helps us to know that God is trying to teach us something in the midst of a trail, a lesson that we otherwise couldn’t learn apart from where He has us, and a lesson learned in a trial, is a lesson learned well (the trials of Job teaches us that).

Hold on and hold out, God Is Trying To Teach You Something…….Let Him Teach!!!!

Guest Devotion by Minister Ralph Williams. Minister Williams is Pastor of New Beginnings In Christ Ministry that sees to the spiritual needs of Senior Saints (the forgotten people), in Palm Bay Florida. Many are unable to come to where God’s Word is being preached, so the ministry brings God’s Word to them. Find out how you can be a guest writer.

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