Job 26:14 – 1 Out of 7 Billion

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“Who then can understand the thunder of his power?” (Job 26:14b NIV)

There are approximately 7.046 billion people in this world. Each person is distinct from another person. Each person has a unique fingerprint. Even identical twins differ in personality and certain physical attributes from each other. Each person was designed with a specific purpose on this earth. You are 1 out of approximately 7,000,000,000 with characteristics that are exclusive only to yourself.

Take a moment to think about the sobering magnitude of this truth. Can you imagine a Creator who is great enough to design something as complex as the human race, not to mention the complexity of the human body itself? Now add to the list every animal species ever to exist, every natural being on this earth, every planet in this galaxy and every galaxy in this universe. Now can you imagine the greatness of our God? It’s impossible to fully comprehend.

If by this point you have realized that we will never be able to grasp just how powerful our God is, then ask yourself this question. Why is it that every time we encounter a problem, situation or trial, we take this limitless, incomparable and unchanging God and put him in the bounds of our mere human thinking? Simply, why do we limit GOD to a “box” we’ve created with our own limited understanding?

You are only 1 person out of 7.046 billion people, and it seems impossible that you would be worthy of special acknowledgement. Yet, God looks down at 7.046 billion people every moment and He loves and he treats every person as if there is only 1.

Remember that you serve a loving and powerful God.

Guest devotion by Stacey Thomas. Stacey is a college student who loves to share the joy of Christ to those around her by encouraging them. She hopes that God will use her in various ways around her campus and amongst her peers. Learn how you can become a guest writer here.

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