Isaiah 32:17 – Righteousness is Peace

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever. (Isaiah 32:17 ESV)

“Quietness and trust forever” may sound to us like a noble intellectual concept that will never be realized. For as long as there have been people, there has been fighting, killing, and war. Our unrighteous selfishness prods us to take advantage of and exploit others for our benefit. This kind of living continually produces a state in which the prosperity of some is based upon the expense of others. This biblical promise from God to us will be realized, but not in the ways we may expect; it will never be completely brought about by man’s effort. However, through fellowship with the Holy Spirit, we can begin to see the peace, the fruit of righteousness, shine brighter in our cities and neighborhoods.

When we live in accordance with Scripture, and love Jesus by obeying his commands (John 14:15), his righteousness in our lives can and will result in peace. This does not mean we will live at peace with every living person. But indeed, if we are living as servants in following the footsteps of Christ we will live peacefully with many. This will happen as we forsake our selfish flesh, for righteous living does not seek to exploit or steal from those around us. We will labor to deal generously with men, all the while seeking to lead them to repentance in love. Righteousness does result in peace, but do not compromise with evil in order to fabricate peace. Righteousness is true peace, but peace is not righteousness, in and of itself.

Are you living to see true peace known in and through your life?

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