Hill Far Away

There it was, once again, the most awe-inspiring sight any flawed human-being can ever gaze upon! I can no longer enumerate the countless times I have journeyed upon this path, and each time I do, my face is always covered in shameless regrets and enduring sorrow. As I stare upon this towering emblem of FORGIVENESS and LOVE, my chest-tightened, heaving a flow of cascading sobs that drenched my face. I stood before it, hanging my head in a stance of defeat, with shoulders slumped carrying a load of sin that is too heavy bear. How many times have I crawled to this HILL FAR AWAY where an OLD RUGGED CROSS STOOD? A place where, “all of the weary and heavy laden can find rest.” (Matt. 11:28) I stood before it, asking GOD just how much he can love someone like me, whose life is riddled in sin.

Then he showed me, displayed for all the sinners to see. A cross reddened with blood, a blameless man tortured and wounded. A sacrificial lamb suffering the stings of whip-lashing that sliced the very core of his flesh. Sharp nails used to chain him on that cross, all the while piercing the very heart of GOD. But Jesus, the sacrificial lamb still held a love so deep and true for us that he pleaded with the Father, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!” (Luke 23:34) Even when his earthly body gave way to eternal life, his heart still held a compassionate love for us. A love so vast that not even on ocean can hold such abundance.

When Jesus’ lifeless body remained hung on that cross, thunder rolled coupled with skies that were as ominous and dark as the sins Jesus paid for. Thousands of Angels who bore witness to his death, cried and their tears spilled over on that HILL FARAWAY WHERE AN OLD RUGGED CROSS STOOD; “where a world of lost sinner was slain, where Jesus suffered and died to pardon and sanctify me”. (Hymn, George Bernard)

​A CROSS hated by the world, but to me, a beacon of everlasting love and mercy full grace. And no matter how far down or away my sins take me, the Cross that stood resilient on that hill, stands to remind me that GOD will never leave me nor forsake me and that I HAVE BEEN SPOKEN FOR!

​What does that OLD RUGGED CROSS mean to you? CL

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