Gasping Praise

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Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.

Psalm 63:3 ESV

I used to live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

If you’re unfamiliar, they’re one of America’s most beautiful mountain ranges.

I loved hiking, mountain biking, and even driving through them—especially in the winter.

The snow frosted the evergreens and aspens so beautifully, it would actually make me gasp. And here is a great example of what it means to praise God.

Praise means to express admiration of someone or something.

For me, I was absolutely entranced by the beauty of the mountains. They stole my breath and evoked an intense reaction of praise.

The more deeply we know God…

The more of his beauty we see…

The more we hear his voice…

The more of his holiness we encounter…

…the more we praise him.

The object of your praise determines its magnitude. Click To Tweet

When we see God in his glory and splendor, he evokes gasps of praise from our lips.

While worship and praise aren’t simply based on feelings, the more deeply we know him, the more often we are overcome by his goodness.

Like the splendor of a mountain range, God’s majesty evokes praise in his people.

Dwell on God’s majesty, glory, and might today. Let his praises always be on your lips.

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