A Life of Repentance

Bear fruit in keeping with repentance.

Matthew 3:8 ESV

I’m currently doing a challenge called the “30 Day Shred”. It’s a challenge that has you read the entire Bible in just 3o days!

It’s super intense, but also super amazing. When you cruise through the Word at about 50 chapters a day, you don’t necessarily notice all the little details in each book, but you start to see the big themes more clearly.

In Genesis, I can’t help but notice the disfunction in each family. And worse yet, each generation passes down their issues to the next.

Abraham passes his cowardice down to Isaac…

Isaac gives his divided heart to Jacob and Esau…

And Jacob is just the worst 90% of the time…

This gives me pause. This causes me to reflect. What issues might I be passing down to my kids?

So as a dad, I’m making this decision: I will become the man I hope my son will become, and the kind of man I hope my daughters will marry.

I’m talking about character. I’m talking about attitude. I’m talking about the trajectory of one’s life.

I have so many flaws. I am leagues from being perfect. But it’s in our response to our imperfection our kids learn the most important skill of all: repentance.

It’s so empowering to realize that you can influence generations by first influencing yourself. And it’s humbling when you realize that your legacy is carved out one decision at a time.

Every day, our kids have a chance to learn by observation what being a man or woman of God is all about.

Our lives are prophetic—what we model will be lived out. Click To Tweet

What will your actions, choices, words, and commitments prophesy?


Today’s author, Jordan Loftis, writes and speaks about how to study and live out the Bible. He’s the author of “The Men With Bare Feet: Discovering Intimacy With God Through Moses, Joshua, and Jesus.” He’s also a huge fan of playing music, mountain biking, and traveling with his wife and three children. You can learn more about Jordan and his work at jordanloftis.com.

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