Psalm 119:19-20 – Letters From Home

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

I am a sojourner on the earth;
hide not your commandments from me!
My soul is consumed with longing
for your rules at all times. (Psalm 119:19-20 ESV)

Law. Commandments. Rules. How many people can you think of that would make a statement like, “My soul is consumed with a longing for your rules at all times”? Probably not many. But often we read our modern context into the Bible instead of reading its context out of it. Presently, our societies’ laws, commandments and rules have been crafted here on earth by human beings. While some of them are rooted in Biblical sentiment, they are still fallible.

Notice, however, the Psalmist’s previous phrase, “I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me!” Now we catch a better glimpse of what was happening. Imagine this: you are traveling for years upon years, and while you might see beautiful sights, you desperately long for home. That’s what’s going on here! This longing stems from the reality that this world is not the true home of God’s people. What the Psalmist continually found was that God’s word, unlike man’s, is infallible and eternal. So too, it read refreshingly like a letter from home. It is transcendent truth enveloped in the Father’s words, and it comes from home. We are sojourners on earth and should love God’s word like we love our momentary homes. As we read Scripture we find perfect, “wondrous” truth (Psalm 119:18) that deeply resonates within us because it’s from home.

Does the reality of an eternity in heaven scare you or sound boring? If so, is your view of God and the home he has prepared too small?

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